Monday, June 6, 2011

For me, or not for me??? That is the question.

How our bodies react to essential oils
For me, or not for me.  That is the question.

Our bodies are all different and what may cause illness or ailments for one person might be different for someone else.  Further, what essential oil might be very effective for one persons problem, might be less effective for someone else.  The bottom line is that essential oils work, but don't try one thing and say; "well, that didn't work", and give up. 

There is a reason that many of the basic's listed below suggest more than one essential oil.  What may be effective for you, may not be for someone else.  For this reason, we have listed other oils that may help you with the illness or ailment.  Even if one oil is helpful to you, you may find that another oil is more effective.  So expand your oil world.  Try other essential oils.  You may have a favorite you did not know about.


Some other things to keep in mind.  There are several ways to use oils.  They may be applied topically with massage or with a carrier to different parts of the body.   This might include reflexology, aroma touch technique, heat or cool pad application.  Many can be effective taken internally, others are most effective used aromatically.

We don't want you to feel overwhelmed, but we do want you to be persistent and find the right oil for you and your situation and discover the best way to use it.  As you open the bottles and experience them in different ways, you will begin to understand the best oils for you and the most effective way to apply them.  

Here's the real deal.  I love these essential oils and they work great.

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