Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bear Story Part 2

Ok, so just yesterday I noticed a friend on FaceBook mentioned having problems because her feet were sore from playing in the lazy river.  

The bottom of the pool and river rubbed her feet raw.  

Man!!!! My feet were killing me last week for about 3 days for the same thing.

So I started thinking about what in the world do you do for raw and sore feet.  So I mentioned this to my cutie friend bear and she said, "duhhhhhh.  Why don't you do what I was doing for the other cub bears last week????"

I said, "huh?  What is that?"  She said that she was putting Lavender on them all last week and that was why their feet didn't hurt at all.

Sheesh.... this bear is behind the game.

 BTW, Cutie Bear Friend thought it was funny trying to kill me last week on this slide too.  I seriously wanted to cry! LMOO

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  1. We'll have to talk about all this when we come at the end of August.