Friday, July 22, 2011

Crazy mosquito bites!!!!

So here is how the story goes..... 

Once upon a time there were a whole bunch of mosquitos biting all of these little bear cubs.  So Daddy Bear looked in the Essential Oils book and noticed that if you put Lavendar Essential Oil on the mosquito bites, the itching sensation would go away.  

Every day and every night for 7 days and nights in a row, they came to me asking for Lavendar.  So Daddy Bear would put it on them and they would run off all happy with no more itches.  So it was fun because all the kids were happy even after they had mosquito bites.  

Well big grumpy bear had freakin 63 mosquito bites and he itched them til they bled.  He couldn't get the itching to stop.  

Well one of the bear cubs just laughed at the Daddy Bear and said "why don't you stick some Lavendar oil on???"  So Daddy Bear tried it out and his itching went away.  

The End

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  1. Daddy Bear is most definitely part of the school of do as I say and not as I do. LOL. Love this story. I also love lavender oil. It is a great thing. Works well for this and so much more. =D